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What are the main Symptoms of stress?

What are the main Symptoms of stress?

we can classified it as Behavioral symptoms and Physical symptoms.

Behavioral Symptoms

1.Constant irritability with people
2.Difficulty in making decisions
3.Loss of Sense of Humour
4.suppressed anger
5.difficulty in concentrating
6.Inability to complete an assignment before rushing into another
7.Feeling the target of another people's animosity
8.Feeling unable to cope
9.wanting to cry at the smallest problem
10.Lack of interest in doing things after returninghome from work.
11.Waking up in the morning and feeling tired
12.Constant tiredness

Physical Symtoms

1.Lack of appetite
2.Craving for Food under pressure
3.Frequent indigestion or heart burn
4.Constipation or Diarrhea
6.Tendency to sweat for no reason
7.Nervous twitches or nail Biting
8.Head aches
9.Cramps and muscle spasm
11.Breathlessness without exertion
12.Fainting spells
13. Impotency or frigidity

if you are facing acute stress,  one or many symptoms can trouble you regularly.

first of all you have to identify that you are facing real stress due to some reason.

Then only we can find out the solutions.

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