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How to wear the Gem stones-Raveendran Nair(Malayalee Astrologer)-9871690151

1- If your Moon is weak , wear a Pearl/Moon Stone on your Little finger. 2- If your Mars is weak wear a Red Coral   on your Ring finger. 3- If your Mercury is weak, wear an E merald  on your Little finger . 4- If your Jupiter is weak, wear a Golden Topaz/Yellow Sapphire on  your Index finger. 5- If your Venus is weak, wear a Diamond/White topaz on your Little finger 6- If your Saturn is weak, wear a Blue Topaz/Blue Sapphire on your Middle Finger. 7- If your Sun is weak, wear a Ruby on your Ring finger. 8-If your Rahu is weak, wear a Gomedh/Hessonite on your Middle finger. 9.If your Ketu is weak wear a Cats eye/Tigers eye on your little finger/Middle finger. But the main point is that  in your  horoscope you should know that  which planet is  the weak and which planet  is the strong. for this you must consult with an Learned Astrologer. Best Astrology and Vastu Consultant in  Delhi Best Astrology Consultant in Delhi Best Malayali Astrologer i

prediction for the week of 17 May-23 May-2015

prediction for the week  of 17 May-23 May-2015 Aries - Go and get it. but competitor is there. but you can win the bid. Don't believe blindly.  Don't sign any paper without reading properly. Taurus- Your love life will be very successful. but take precaution for blame,accusation etc. you have to take care your family  also. Gemini - Don't be jealous of others achievement. Appreciate  and give them the required credit and compliments. don't allow others to misunderstand you. try to control your fickle mind. Cancer-  You have to take care about your health. you have to face abdominal problems. control your diet.  you have to reduce your irritation  and stress. Leo -Control your stubbornness. otherwise,you will lose some good  opportunities, which is very necessary at this time for you. Only hard work won't give you the success but diplomacy is also very important. Virgo -You will face some  problem related to your job. but don't take any