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vastu easy tips-11-Raveendran Nair,Jyothish Alankar,Delhi-09871690151

Vastu easy tips-Malayalee Astrologer-Raveendran Nair

Living Room- central place of the plot

Pooja Room- North East Corner/North East Quarter. Diety should face east,west or north

Dining Room- if the dining room is in west then the kitchen should be in south east. but in kerala normally they are constructing the kitchen in north east corner.

if the dining room is in  the eastern side then kitchen should be in North east part of the plot.

it is not advisable to construct kitchen is in the North west side of the plot

Bed Rooms- south,south west,west or North

North East- assigned to water- Borewell,underground water tank

South East-assigned to fire-Kitchen,pantry,furnace,Boiler etc.

North West-assigned to Air-Guest Room,Store for Finished Goods

South West -assigned to earth

Centre is assigned to space-have the least possible activity there. 

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Vastu Tips for Children Room-10-Raveendran NairJyothish Alankar,Delhi-09871690151

Vastu Tips for Children Room

According to Vastu,keeping everything in positive direction in children’s roomresults in creative thinking and good health because this room is the hub of fun and joy where children spend most of their time. Your child can grow in such atmosphere and lives a happy and prosperous life.
Vastu Shastrarecommendswest direction for children's room. The location of bed should be in south-west portion whereas the head should be in south or east direction. The door of the room should not be exactly opposite to the bed. The furniture should not be placed at the centre of the room.      Furniture:The location of bed in children’s room is south-west corner. The furniture should be few inches away from the walls. Almirahs and cabinets should be located in south or west direction.
TV and Computer:Computer and TV  should not be placed in children’s room. If it’s necessary, it’s recommended to place  TV  in south-east corner and computer in no…

Vastu for Living Room-9-Raveendran Nair,Jyothish Alankar,Delhi-09871690151

Vastu for Living Room

According toVastu Shastraliving room or drawing room should be located ineast or north direction. Theideal locationof a living room depends on plot facing. The living room can be innortheast direction for east and north facing house. The living room can be in northwest for west facing house. In south facing house,living room can be in southeast.    Where to Place Furniture as per Vastu   The furniture should be placed in west or south direction. The furniture such as showcase or heavy articles etc. should be in south or west direction. It should be rectangular or square, not in oval, circular or odd shape.  Television, A.C and Telephone Place according to Vastu  T.V. should be placed in southeast direction. Living room vastu opposes to place T.V. in north-east or south-west corner. Cooler or A.C should be placed in west or north direction. Avoid A.C or Cooler in southeast and northwest. Telephone should be placed in East, North or so…

Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet-8-Raveendran Nair,Jyothish Alankar,Delhi.09871690151

Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

According tobathroom vastu, bathroom should be located in North or North-Westportion of the house. If bathroom is located in wrong direction, it can cause health and financial problems. Bathroom should not be in South, South-East and South-West direction. South sided bathroom can cause adverse effects on the health of female members.  As per Toilet Vastu, toiletshould be located inwest or northwestdirection. Avoid construction of toilet at the centre and in the east, northeast of the house. The toilet seat should be placed in such a way that the person sitting could face the North or the South. Now a day toilet combined with bathroom is becoming popular due to lack of space. Combined bathroom and toilet should be in north-west direction. It should not be adjacent to Pooja Room, kitchen and under the stairs. Geyserand other electrical appliances like heater and switchboard should be installed in south-east corner of bathroom.Taps and …

Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life-7-Raveendran Nair,Jyothish Alankar,Delhi-09871690151

Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

Vastu leads to a happy married life which every couple dream of. Life becomes joyful and peaceful if your life partner is compatible with you.Vastudefects may cause non compatibility with life partner. Everybody wants to live a successful and peaceful life. You alsowant to live a life which is enjoyable and happy,but you do not know why you become sad when you come to your house. You may feel that you are quite happy when you are far away from your house, you can feel some mood swings when you enter in your house. From a vastu perspective, if your home is not in proper balance, it may cause sadness, problem in relationships etc. Like nature all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in balance. Your home can also be balanced there is a need to know the importance of structure that can benefit you. Balance the five elements in your home because each of the five elements is associated with each direction. Northeas…

Vastu for Stair Case-6-Raveendran Nair,Jyothish Alankar,Delhi.09871690151

Vastu Shastra for Staircase-Malayalee Astrologer
Vastu verifies to locate staircase of the building in theSouth or Westdirection. Staircase is a heavy structure; hence it should be located in negative zones like the South or the West. The staircase in northern or eastern part of house may give adverse effects.The stairs should rise from the East to West or from the North to South.The staircase should not be in the center of the house. Avoid staircase in northeast direction also.  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for functional staircase. DO’S Make staircase of the house in southern or western part of the house as these directions are heavy.Build staircase in southeast in east, northwest in north, southwest in west and southwest in south if the staircase is external.Arise the stairs from the East to West or from the North to South and a turn can be taken to any other side due to paucity of space.  Make the number of stairs odd. …